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Skin Skulpt

Skin Skulpt Plasma Skin Perfector

Skin Skulpt Plasma Skin Perfector


Skin rejuvenation

Evens skin tone

Tightening and Firming

Improved absorption of skincare products

Minimizes pores and blemishes


Celebrity esthetician Heather Nicole, the force behind Skin Skulpt, has unveiled her latest innovation: the Plasma Skin Perfector. Inspired by her in office, professional treatment, Heather knew she had to make it accessible to her clientele. "The results were too significant not to share" Heather says. 

Utilizing cold plasma technology—often considered the fourth state of matter and composed of the same particles that form stars and the sun—the Plasma Skin Perfector stands as a cosmic, skin refining wand ready to battle signs of aging, acne, and more. This breakthrough device taps into the gentle power of ionized air to create a plasma field, & tailored frequency for optimal skin health and rejuvenation. 

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In the evening, after cleansing and drying skin, begin your treatment. Turn the device on and begin on one side of the face, gliding from the jawline upwards until you reach the forehead. Repeat motion until 5 minutes has been completed and the device has powered off by itself. Turn the device back on and repeat on the other side of the face.

Once the face has been treated, turn the device on and treat the neck, gliding the device from the bottom of neck upwards to jawline. Repeat motions across the neck for 5 minutes.

After the 15 minute treatment has been completed, apply Skin Skulpt Omni Elixir Serum and Savior Essential Moisturizer for maximum results.

Use the device every 48 hours on the same area.


The Plasma Skin Perfector can be used on the full body. Allow your hands, arms, chest, bikini line, and more receive the incredible benefits!


We recommend using the Plasma Skin Perfector every 48 hours on the same areas in the evening. Night time treatments are recommended as product penetration is one of the key benefits of cold plasma, allowing for your skincare products to take maximum effect overnight. 

For thicker skin, device can be used every 24 hours. If irritation occurs, lessen usage.