Meet Skin Skulpt Founder and celebrity beauty guru Heather Nicole.

With over 20 years of experience, Heather Nicole is one of the beauty industry’s leading experts on medical grade and holistic beauty. Her lifelong commitment to beauty began early in life. Heather Nicole’s mother sold both Avon and Mary Kay, and instilled in her daughter a lifelong commitment to beauty without compromise.

Heather Nicole has worked in all aspects of the beauty industry—from esthetician at luxury resorts to top tier med spas and plastic surgery firms, all with the goal of helping clients look and feel their very best. In 2010, she founded Heather Nicole Skincare where her products and services garnered celebrity clients such as Rita Ora, Paris Hilton, and Tori Kelly.

Heather Nicole’s services quickly developed a cult following of top-tier clientele from around the globe. She found wild success with the introduction of her “Rockstar Rejuvenation Kit,” which delivered clinical-level results in a unique, take-anywhere format that her clients could use while on tour. In 2020, she realized that people everywhere, not just celebrities, could benefit from the ability to make clinical results available at home and on-demand. With Skin Skulpt, Heather Nicole gives you the best-in-class tools and products to achieve your best skin ever; out-of-office, and exactly when and where you need it most.


Heather’s Philosophy

I firmly believe that authentic skincare should be a deep, rejuvenating process that begins from the inside out. As the skin is a vivid mirror that reflects our overall health, it tells the intimate story of our body's well-being. This rejuvenation is rooted in a carefully curated diet and a commitment to regular detoxing. Therefore, I believe we must nurture our skin while also nurturing our body and mind.

For myself and my clients, I love to incorporate energy based treatments that target the skin on a cellular level, harmonizing and rejuvenating it in a way that aligns with the body's natural rhythms and processes. This approach is not just about addressing visible skin concerns; it's about embracing a more profound, holistic path to wellness and beauty.

Ultimately, I aim to help others align with nature while embracing a holistic lifestyle to recognize the deep connection between our internal health and external beauty.

  • Accessible & Convenient

    Skin Skulpt invites you into the world of celebrity skincare at a fraction of the cost. Experience clinical-grade results that are accessible regardless of status or location. More affordable than repeated in-person office visits, skincare from Skin Skulpt is the ultimate investment in a better you! Wherever you go, Skin Skulpt can go with you to look and feel your best. 

  • Expert / Curated

    Our founder, Heather Nicole, skincare guru-to-the-stars, has transformed the power of skincare, through this thoughtfully designed system. We put professional results in your hands with minimal to no downtime. Experience the world of elite skincare, with tools and products that deliver remarkable results.